Tuesday, 18 June 2013


I have a quotation for you today that resonates with me.  It is from Chief Rabbi Jonathan Sachs.  On BBC Radio 4's Today Programme in Thought for the Day he said :

'If you want to survive and thrive as a people, a culture, a civilisation, celebrate the family.  Hold it sacred.  Eat together.  Tell the story of what matters to you across the generations.  Make children the most important people.  Put them centre stage'

From the point of view of an arts provider who focuses on working with children this really rings true.  Our future culture and civilisation relies on us nurturing our children.  All children.  So we want to strive for access to the arts for ALL and not just those privileged or lucky enough to access
 stage schools.  Here at Little Actors, we are aware of the research into how participation in the arts improves health and well being, so we try to make our clubs and classes available to all children regardless of socio-economic background. Hopefully our affordable prices and discount schemes, goes someway to helping families nurture the creativity and well being of their children.

Professional actor facilitators who are passionate about bringing drama, singing and dance to children, also helps nurture and develop creativity as well as self esteem and confidence building.