Friday, 26 July 2013

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Things To Do In Neston - Summer Holiday Activities in and around Neston: The website for Neston News, Features, Events, Information, Business & Comment (Neston)

Yoga for All

Yoga For All
Yoga for All is an access for all fitness class offered by Little Actors Theatre.  From September we will be using a new venue which is the Meeting Room at Our Lady and St John's, Telegraph Road, Heswall, CH60.  Classes will recommence after the summer break on Monday 9th September at 7.15-8.45pm.  A ten week block booking will cost £55.  If we have enough people booked to cover costs we will then be able to offer drop in rates and also concessions (based on circumstances).  This is in line with our ethos of supporting access for all.  The facilitator is British Wheel of Yoga teacher Kathy Atherton. 

Information from: or 0151 336 4302

Friday, 12 July 2013

A Week's Work Experience at Little Actors

Admittedly, I've always been a little apprehensive about work experience. I'd long heard horror stories about nightmare placements and supervisors from hell- one such example being a friend who spent a whole two weeks manually turning sprinklers off and on at a golf course. So, when I stepped up at school (bright eyed and with my best 'eager-to-learn' face on) and announced, "I'm interested in theatre!" I wasn't really sure what to expect. Thankfully, I'm pleased to say that Samantha and Little Actors took me on!

Even after a week at Little Actors, it's difficult to find the apposite word for the brilliant work they do. I suppose the word I'd most associate it with is 'community.' Throughout my week, I've been to meetings about arts in the community, meetings about community events and met everyone from councillors, to artists, to actors, to rotary club members. Little Actors works to make the arts accessible to everyone- and I think that's fantastic. The impression I've gained is that it's not just about teaching kids to sing, act and dance, it's about teaching them important skills that they'll use in later life. That's what really sets Little Actors apart.

Yes, I've been shown the boring side too- I think I've had the administrative equivalent of a baptism of fire (and I confess that the world of finance is still a baffling mystery to me). However, as Little Actors works with industry professionals, I've learnt about theatre from people with real experience. Samantha has taught me about Equity and auditions, and voice overs and drama schools, as well as answering every possible question I could throw at her.

I'd like to thank Samantha and Little Actors for a brilliant week, and I think they do an amazing job of bringing theatre to the public!

-Kate Collins
 West Kirby Grammar School, Year 10.

Thursday, 4 July 2013

John Thaw Foundation supports Neston Theatre School

Press Release

Professional theatre Company Little Actors Theatre, offers Neston Theatre School for children aged 2 1/2 - 11.  As a result of new funding we can offer 50% discounts for low income families and free places for children from unwaged families.   Funding comes from the John Thaw Foundation, Adactus Housing Association and CWaC Councillors Louise Gittins and Andy Williams.  The funders support our aims to make access to the arts possible for ALL children.

Neston Theatre School will be performing at the Leverhulme Drama Festival in April 2014. We will be creating a new play for the under 12s to compete with. If anyone would like to have a challenge for their child and be involved in a prestigious festival and the experience of working with professional actors/directors/writers, then come and join us.  The play will be performed at the Gladstone Theatre (and hopefully a venue in Neston).  No audition required.
 The project is being directed/scripted by Mike Lockley.  Natasha Symms will direct/choreograph the show and Samantha Giblin will produce the show and help with the ensemble direction.  The play will take the form of an ensemble with every child involved in the devising and staging of the play.  Devising so far has been influenced by the works of William Shakespeare.  The cast is supported by youth volunteers Jonathan Stevens, (12) Jessica Astbury (14) and Lucy Mothersdale (17) - all experienced members of InterACT Youth Theatre.  They bring their own performance experience from The Lowry, with the National Theatre Connections programme, to the rehearsal room to help and mentor the younger children.
For details about this and other projects offered by Little Actors in Neston please call Samantha on 0151 336 4302 or email